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Detailed interpretation of lithium titanate battery and lithium titanate battery for electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-11
Lithium titanate battery, what is the situation, the editor of the electric pallet truck manufacturer will let everyone know: 1. The advantages of lithium titanate 1. Long cycle life 2. High temperature and low temperature resistance, carrying harsh environments 3. Puncture short circuit does not explode lithium titanate The battery is a lithium titanate used as a negative electrode material for lithium ion batteries, and can be combined with lithium manganate, ternary materials or lithium iron phosphate to form a 2.4V or 1.9V lithium ion secondary battery. In addition, it can also be used as a positive electrode to form a 1.5V lithium secondary battery with metallic lithium or lithium alloy negative electrode. Due to the high safety, high stability, long life and environmental protection characteristics of lithium titanate.   Lithium titanate (LTO) battery performance improvement is a comprehensive manifestation of the performance improvement of a single material and the organic integration of key materials. In response to the requirements for fast charging and long service life, in addition to the negative electrode material, other key raw materials of lithium-ion batteries (including positive electrode material, separator, and electrolyte), combined with special engineering process experience, have finally formed a ' The 'flatulence' lithium titanate LpTO battery product has first realized its mass application in electric buses.  The test data shows that under the conditions of 6C charge, 6C discharge, and 100% DOD, the cycle life of the lithium titanate LpTO cell exceeds 25,000 times, and the remaining capacity exceeds 80%. 2. Disadvantages of lithium titanate 1. Compared with other types of lithium-ion power batteries, the energy density will be lower. 2. The problem of flatulence has been hindering the application of lithium titanate batteries. 3. The price is higher than other types of lithium-ion power batteries. 4. There are still differences in battery consistency, and the difference in battery consistency will gradually increase as the number of charge and discharge increases. 3. The origin of lithium titanate technology comes from the United States. It was originally mainly deployed in the military market. It is worth mentioning that although Dong Mingzhu has linked Yinlong’s lithium titanate battery technology to Chinese manufacturing many times, Zhuhai Yinlong’s lithium titanate In fact, the technology is also an imported product, which originated from the US-listed company Austrian Titanium. 4. Future prospects of lithium titanate    As the lithium battery market expands, lithium titanate will also have a certain market position. However, mainstream lithium batteries have basically all turned to ternary lithium batteries.   Ternary lithium batteries will become the mainstream. Lithium titanate, as a niche market, will slowly gain profitability unless it constantly raises funds and invests in technology.   Lithium titanate focuses on harsh environments and will have a certain market space! North China, the equator, etc. 5. Summary    The editor of the electric pallet truck manufacturer believes that Sister Dong did not choose the wrong technology, but Gree did not invest money in it. The funds of Sister Dong alone are completely insufficient! Unless there is a large consortium working on this technology to reduce the cost, it will be able to challenge the ternary lithium battery market, otherwise it will not be able to finance the ternary, and the ternary will become bigger and bigger, and lithium titanate can only be marginalized! After all, Sanyuan involves more interest groups!
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