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Do not enter these eight misunderstandings when purchasing electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-12
1. Do not look at the appearance and how the salesperson describes it. The market generally recommends more brands, indicating that the brand has greater profits. This is the usual behavior of salespersons.  2. A large number of sales does not mean that the quality is good. A large sales volume can only indicate that there are more consumers at a certain price, the brand has been in the market for a long time, or the amount of technology contained is low. The sales of foreign brands are generally inferior to domestic brands, but the quality of foreign brands is significantly better than that of brands sold in the domestic market.   3. Most companies pay more attention to the trend of brand and quality rather than price.  4. Taking the brands used in industries with poor working environments and heavy workloads as reference objects, forklifts that can withstand the harsh environment are the best and practical battery traction stacker forklifts.   5. It is more practical to understand the strength and background of the manufacturer in certain fields than to understand a forklift from the surface.  6. u200bu200bDomestic forklifts have had a production history of several decades before they have today's quality level. Therefore, for a brand that has not been heard of, we must study its strength and background before making a decision. 7. Special attention should be paid to brands that do not have agency rights or individuals recommend to you, because they usually choose according to the principle of 'profit maximization' and their relationship with forklift agents, and they do not necessarily recommend the best brands of the same price to you . 8. To purchase electric pallets, semi-electric stackers and full electric forklifts, you must choose a real factory, such as a small workshop with a few people, and you must have the relevant qualification certificates and special industry production licenses. .
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