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Haven't you distinguished between electric high-altitude pallet trucks and electric high-altitude stackers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-28
Electric high-altitude stackers are commonly used equipment for handling. There are many models and styles. There are countless electric high-altitude stackers and electric high-altitude pallet trucks designed for various handling problems on the market. How can we distinguish electric high-altitude stackers High truck and electric high-altitude pallet truck and choose?
First of all, Xin Niudun takes you to understand the difference between electric high-altitude stacker and electric high-altitude pallet truck: Generally, we put all electric high-altitude stackers with forks Tall trucks, electric high-level pallet trucks and even trucks are collectively referred to as pallet trucks, so I feel a little unclear, and I don't know the respective roles of electric high-altitude stackers and electric high-level pallet trucks. We can still distinguish the electric high-altitude stacker and the electric high-altitude pallet truck simply by some details:
First, from the appearance:
(1) The one with fork but no gantry is The truck can only carry but not stack goods, and can generally be used for flat ground transportation.
(2) Electric high-altitude stackers are equipped with forks and gantry but no driver's seat. Electric high-altitude stackers are suitable for handling and stacking goods in warehouses with limited space. Electric high-altitude stackers can Used in warehouses or logistics companies, etc.
(3) The relatively large electric high-level pallet truck with a driver's seat can weigh up to five tons. Generally used for construction sites or large cargo handling.
2. According to the power classification
1. At present, the common electric high-altitude stackers include manual stackers, semi-electric stackers and all-electric stackers, while pallet trucks have electric high-altitude stackers. There are two types of pallet trucks and internal combustion pallet trucks.
2. The semi-electric stacker generally refers to the electric high-altitude stacker that lifts the goods electrically, but relies on manpower to push and pull.
3. Electric high-altitude stackers can also be classified according to their functions and features
Electric high-altitude stackers can be divided into forward-moving stackers, balance counterweight stackers, and wide-leg stackers There are also cases where the electric high-altitude stacker used for picking is renamed a picking vehicle. They can all perform the work of electric high-altitude stackers, but the suitable shelves, pallets, goods, etc. will be different, so it is necessary to select electric high-altitude stackers according to the specific conditions of the warehouse and goods.
The last suggestion for you is: When choosing an electric high-altitude stacker, it is generally necessary to select a matching electric high-altitude stacker according to the weight of the goods, the height and spacing of the shelves, and the type of pallet. In addition, efficiency and cost also need to be considered. In general, all-electric stackers are more efficient, but they are also more expensive.
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