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How to drive an electric pallet truck safely and what are the skills?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-14
The driving of an electric pallet truck is very simple. If we can ride an electric bicycle, then we will drive this all-electric pallet truck. It does not require an operating license to operate the all-electric pallet truck. As can be seen from the picture, it has the following functions. 1. button/down button 2. Accelerator knob 3. Emergency reverse button 4. Horn 5. Turtle climbing button ① Lifting and lowering operation: When the fork down button is pressed, the fork will drop, and when the fork electric pallet lift truck button is pressed , The fork lifts up. ②Accelerator knob: used to control the direction of the car and the speed of the car. When driving is required, first turn the steering handle to zone B as shown in the figure above. When the rudder handle is in zone A or C, the car is in a power-off braking state and cannot travel. When the rudder handle is operated in zone B and the accelerator knob is turned in one direction, the car will drive in that direction, and the driving speed will increase with the increase in the rotation range of the knob. When you turn the accelerator knob in the other direction, the car will move in the other direction, and the driving speed will increase as the rotation of the knob increases. ③Horn button: When you press this button, the car horn will sound. Emergency reverse button: When the steering handle is in zone B and the emergency reverse button is pressed, the car will immediately drive away from the operator. This is a safety switch that protects the operator from being squeezed by the car in accidents. . ④Turtle crawl button: also called slow button. When pressing this button while driving, the car will walk at a very slow speed. This button is suitable for use in particularly narrow places or when precise positioning of the car is required. (5) Electric lock: It is used to control the power on and off of the car. The electric lock key of the car should be supervised by the car driver or car manager. When you want to leave the car, please be sure to turn off the car power. Take away the electric lock key to avoid accidents caused by other personnel's operation. (6) Main power switch: used to control the emergency power off of the car. Press down the mushroom head to cut off the power, and pull the mushroom head upward to turn on the power. When your car is out of control for some reason, please You immediately push down the mushroom head of this switch to cut off the power of the car to avoid dangerous accidents. (7) Charger cable: It is an accessory of the car. When you need to charge the battery, plug one end of this cable into the socket connected to the power grid, and plug the other end into the charging socket on the side of the car to charge the battery. (8) Pedals and guardrails: The driving operation of this car is a standing-on operation. Under normal circumstances, the standing pedals and guardrails should be opened before driving the car, and the driver should stand on the pedals to operate. When the working place is relatively narrow, it is allowed to fold the footboards and guardrails for operations. At this time, the maximum speed of the vehicle does not exceed 4km/h. In addition, the car body also has a display function, a multi-function instrument: (1) The instrument integrates a solid-state battery power display and an LCD hour meter. The power display is a multi-color ten-segment LED display (5 red, 3 yellow, 2 red LEDs), when the discharge reaches 70%, a red flashing light will display an 'energy reserve' alarm. When the discharge reaches 80%, the two red flashing lights show 'energy exhausted'. After the external power supply is cut off, the internal battery can usually keep the memory for ten years. The meter monitors the use time of the equipment for life. When the LCD display record reaches 99999.9 hours, the hour meter automatically resets and continues to time and display. As long as it is connected to the battery, the hour meter LCD will activate. The instrument has extremely high reliability even in extremely harsh environments. (2) The steering system is mainly composed of the steering handle, the steering gear shaft and the floating support bearing, etc., which are used to control the driving direction of the vehicle. (3) Brake The brake of this car is electromagnetic brake. When the accelerator pedal is released, the electromagnetic brake is de-energized and braked. When the accelerator is released when the car is walking, the controller first implements electric braking. The braking is regenerative braking, which can convert the kinetic energy of the car into electric energy to recoil on the battery. When the car is stopped, the electromagnetic brake is powered off and braked. This electric brake with electromagnetic brake not only allows the battery to have a longer continuous use time, but also reduces the wear of the brake pads and prolongs the life of the brake. .
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