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How to repair the hydraulic vehicle of the truck if it cannot be pressed

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-22

Hydraulic pallet trucks are small in size and heavy in load, and are now widely used in logistics and transportation industries. Many people often encounter such as“The hydraulic car cannot be pressed”“rising slowly”Waiting for the problem, but I don't know what caused it.

1. The hydraulic car cannot be pressed

Reason analysis: there is no hydraulic oil; the purity of the oil is not enough; the adjusting bolt is too close or the adjusting screw is too tight, so that the valve is always open; there is air in the hydraulic cylinder.

Solution: add oil; change oil; discharge air.

2. The forks cannot be lowered

Reason analysis: the anti-pressure valve is not adjusted, the position of the piston rod of the oil cylinder is offset, and the parts are damaged or deformed due to partial load

Solution: drop the anti-pressure valve, replace the piston rod or cylinder, repair or replace related parts

3. The fork rises slowly

Cause analysis: There are impurities in the hydraulic oil, the pressure relief valve is not adjusted properly, and there is air in the hydraulic oil

Solution: replace the clean hydraulic oil, adjust the pressure relief valve, and remove the air in the oil pump

4. When the pressure is not released, the fork slides down

Cause analysis: There is air in the hydraulic oil, there are impurities in the hydraulic oil, the anti-pressure valve is not adjusted properly, and the seal is damaged

Solution: Exclude air, replace clean hydraulic oil, adjust anti-pressure valve, replace new seals

5. The truck leaks oil

Cause Analysis: Seals are worn or damaged, parts are cracked or worn

Solution: Replace with new seals and check for updated parts

6. The lifting capacity is not up to standard

Cause analysis: There are impurities in the hydraulic pressure, and the one-way valve cannot be closed

Solution: replace pure hydraulic oil

7. Crawling when empty

Cause analysis: The door clip is deformed, and the cylinder seal ring is tightened tightly, which makes the resistance of the plunger rod too large

Solution: Correct the adjustable screw of the mast or adjust the roller shaft, and adjust the upper nut of the oil cylinder

8. Slow lifting

Cause analysis: The hydraulic system severely punishes leakage, the sealing ring is aging or damaged, and there is air in the hydraulic system

Solution: Tighten the oil drain adjustable screw to replace the sealing ring and remove the air

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