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How to use the electric lifting platform car to do maintenance

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-13
Now we can see electric lifting platforms in many places, such as shopping malls or warehouses, which are often used in these places. Its main effect is to help people complete aerial work. Related to other auxiliary tools, electric lifting platforms The safety factor can be said to be very high, so we have safety guarantees when using electric vehicles to lift cars, so there is no need to worry too much about the safety of use, but because the use time is relatively long, so in order to be able to make it After long-term use, the outstanding situation can be maintained. We must carry out basic maintenance and protection. Now the editor will introduce the basic common sense of maintenance: 1. Nowadays, many machines should be used when they are in use. Lubricating oil should be added so that the connection between various parts can be better. The electric lithium pallet truck platform is also the same. If we do not use lubricating oil when we use it, the conflict between certain parts will increase. Increasing the wear and tear of these parts will reduce its safety factor and reduce its service life. For some rental companies, it is very important to extend its service life, so as to maximize the company’s interests. So that the commercial value of each lifting channel can be fully reflected. 2. You must pay attention to the timing check when you use it, and see if there are any problems with some parts such as the operating lever. If the sense of operation becomes heavy, then the sense of operation presents a problem. At this time, it must be performed after checking. Make timely adjustments. If it is found that there is a need for replacement parts, they should be replaced immediately. There are also some valves that need to be updated and cleaned regularly, so you must check whether there is a problem with the local cleanliness when checking. If there is dust or other dirty things, it must be cleaned in time. 3. If the channel of the lithium pallet truck platform is used for a long time, the cylinder-type lifting platform will inevitably show some wear. After it shows wear, it must be checked in time. If there is a need to replace parts, Repair or replace in time as needed to ensure that there will be no danger to your own safety due to parts and components during high-altitude operations. At this time, we must not think that we can stay for a while. Because the wear and tear of parts is very serious, it may pose a danger to our safe operation, or it may cause other parts to wear out after they are worn out. If it is replaced again, the cost will be higher. In the end, it is very necessary for some electric lithium pallet truck platform rental companies to protect the lifting channels regularly. Not only that, but also should always conduct a comprehensive and large-scale inspection, because there are some problems in the daily simple protection, there is no way to find out, but if a comprehensive inspection is carried out, it can be processed in time, because it is still For consumables, if no problems have been found, then its problems may still exist.
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