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Performance analysis of forward-moving electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-18

The forward-moving electric stacker is a type of stacker, and this type of stacker also has its significant disadvantages. For example, the stacker has no front bottom leg, and the advantage is that the length of the stacker will be It is relatively small, but there will be a counterweight under the stacker. The stacker will be more bulky and easy to operate on the whole. This type of plan for the stacker is a good convenience for the operators. It will save more effort. When stacking all kinds of goods, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort on the operator.

From the perspective of the stacking obedience of the forward-moving electric stacker, this type of electric stacker The obedience has always been relatively high. Since all the processes are driven and installed by electric power, the operator only needs to control the height of the stacker and the place where it travels, and does not need to spend much time under the stack height. , Only the operator can master the target adjustment and interval adjustment of the stacker, which will become easier when stacking. For the same batch of goods, it will be more inconvenient to use this type of stacker.

< P> The distance between the fork and the mast of the forward-moving electric stacker is not a firm interval. In fact, the fork can be moved all the time, so that the interval can be reduced or expanded, so that the adjustment of the fork can be more improved. Simple. Because the forks can be adjusted indirectly, there is no need to move the stacker outside the interval where the forks can be adjusted. From this point of view, the benefits of the stacker are also very significant. From the basis of the moving interval, it is basically 56cm The movable interval.

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