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Precautions for trial use of electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-11
When inspecting and accepting the four-wheel mobile electric lithium pallet truck platform, in order to ensure safety, we must pay attention to the following safety points: 1. It must be tried in an outdoor field with a wide space and a flat field. This is very important to prevent the limit switch from failing. There was an accident. 2. Before the trial, you must carefully check the condition of the limit travel switch to ensure that the limit travel switch is safe and reliable. This is an important measure to ensure the safety of the acceptance equipment; check the wiring to ensure that the wiring is correct (including the phase sequence); before powering on, make sure There is no obvious debris inside and outside the distribution box. 3. During the trial, the four outriggers of the electric lifting platform must be supported, the four tires are not stressed, and the lower frame must be level. 4. The test load test should be carried out many times. In the first test load, the no-load test can be selected to check whether its rising and falling speeds are reasonable, whether the stability of the platform can meet the requirements, whether the sound is normal, and whether it can reach the rated value. For the lifting height, if the test data is normal, the second test load test can be carried out; the second test load test can be a half-load test, and it is mainly recommended to check the stability of the platform. If the sloshing is within the allowable range, the third test-full load test can be carried out to determine whether the various parameters of the platform are normal under the rated load state. If it is normal, the fourth test-overload test can be carried out. The test can be carried out with 110% load to check whether the anti-overload device of the platform is set up properly. If the setting is correct, the lifting platform cannot rise under overload condition. It can rise, indicating that the setting of the overload device of the electric lithium pallet truck platform is unreasonable, and the manufacturer should be required to readjust the setting. 5. After passing the trial load test, it can be used by people.
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