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Repair and maintenance of universal transmission device of electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-27
The universal transmission device of the electric forklift is composed of universal joint fork, cross shaft assembly, etc., and its function is to transmit the power of the transmission to the final reducer. The transmission shaft transmits large torque, high speed, and heavy work. Therefore, although its structure is not complicated, the technical requirements are high. Otherwise, chattering, noise, falling off and broken shafts will occur. Therefore, in the use of electric forklifts, the drive shaft should be carefully maintained, and problems must be dealt with in time. When an electric pallet truck is running, the drive shaft has to withstand high torque and impact load, and rotate at a high speed. Accompanied by constant vibration, its lubrication condition is poor, so it is prone to wear, deformation and damage, which will cause malfunction and abnormalities. Faults such as noise and chattering. When the electric forklift starts, if the vehicle body trembles, there is a slight impact; while driving, a periodic noise of the chassis can be heard. The faster the speed, the louder the sound. In severe cases, the cab vibrates, holding the steering wheel, and the hand feels numb. The reasons are: the universal joint cross shaft and the roller needle are worn loose or the roller needle is broken; the fixing screws of each connection part are loose. When encountering the above failures, you can go to the bottom of the car to check whether the connecting screws are loose or not, and shake the drive shaft with your hand to detect the worn parts; set up the rear wheel and turn in gear to observe the vibration and abnormal noise of the drive shaft ; It is also possible to detect the deformation of the transmission shaft with a dial indicator in a vehicle, and to repair it separately after finding out the cause. During maintenance, add grease to the cross bearing of the electric forklift. When checking whether the cross bearing is loose, put the transmission in neutral, loosen the parking brake, and hold the transmission shaft tube with both hands. There is a significant amount of looseness, disassemble and repair if necessary.   When the electric pallet truck drive shaft is maintained, it is necessary to check whether the fasteners are firmly fixed, the appearance and curvature of the drive shaft, and repair it if necessary. Before the drive shaft is repaired and assembled, its parts must be cleaned, especially the oil passages, journals and needle bearings of the cross shaft, which should be washed with clean kerosene and dried with compressed air. Coat the mating surface with grease and install it after matching the mark. After the universal joint is installed and restored, it should be able to rotate flexibly without obvious gaps, and there should be no card issuance.
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