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The importance of butter for aerial lifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-04
Butter is a common industrial chemical product produced in industry, machinery and equipment production, protection, and daily life. It also has a very important effect on high-altitude operation elevators. Next, Industrial Equipment () Co., Ltd. will share common knowledge in this area with us:    High-altitude operation lifts will suffer severe wear and tear on the middle inner membrane sleeve of the support rod and the rotating shaft when working, especially large-tonnage lifts. Severe wear and tear, the most severe one, has worn and cracked the struts. If the lifting equipment is not repaired in time, the whole lifting equipment will be cracked and deformed, which will cause the equipment to be completely scrapped. The repair value is quite high. More importantly, it will delay the production enterprise's use.  Some customers do not pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment, which causes equipment problems and loses up to tens of thousands of yuan every day. Many experiences are worth learning. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain the equipment from time to time. It is very necessary to use high-performance butter. Do a good job of protecting the equipment at ordinary times. In order to ensure that the product can play to the maximum work efficiency.
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