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The structure principle of the lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-18
The lifting platform is a special hydraulic lifting platform used to transport goods between the floors of buildings. The products are mainly used to transport goods between various working floors; three-dimensional garages and underground garages are used for car lifting between floors. Have you understood its technical characteristics?  The lifting platform has a sturdy structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and it is an economical and practical low-floor elevator to replace the ideal cargo conveying equipment. Moreover, it has stable performance, safety and reliability, beautiful appearance, fully automatic access, time-saving and convenient, and small footprint. It is an ideal choice for users without parking lots. The lithium pallet truck platform is a closed or net-like frame surrounded by a building or light steel structure, and steel guide rails are installed on both sides of the inside.  Platform part: It is a steel structure platform that carries heavy objects. It can be closed (that is, car type) or open type. Both sides are equipped with guide rollers or guide shoes. The bottom of the platform can be connected with a lifting cylinder or a lifting scissor-shaped steel frame.   Drive part: It is a small oil tank with hydraulic components such as hydraulic drive motor, oil pump, safety valve, speed control valve and reversing valve.   Oil cylinder part: It is composed of one or more oil cylinders of the lifting oil cylinder straight top platform or jacking scissor frame.  Door system part: It is a closed or net-like platform door or landing door system composed of steel structure. There are manual doors and automatic doors. Generally, open platforms do not have doors.  Electrical part: It is composed of power, control, signal, safety and lighting devices.   Auxiliary part: It is composed of hydraulic pipe fittings, piping, pressure gauge and steel structure base.  Safety devices: safety valve, limit limit, door electromechanical interlock, rupture valve, emergency switch and electrical short circuit protection, etc.
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