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4 pits to pay attention to when buying aerial work platforms!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-25
1. Reduced prices As the saying goes, 'good goods are not cheap'. Even industrial products of the same standard have very different costs, strong development, strict quality control, timely and thoughtful service, and advanced and reliable support parts. of. As long as the cost is paid, the quality and function of the product can be guaranteed, and the trouble of purchase and purchase can be avoided. 2. To avoid one point of view only by looking at the superficial results, that is to say, a region cannot clarify the problem, and it is impossible to clarify the problem in a single way. 3. Fictitious working curve Some products have larger operating fluctuations under the assumption that the additional load is reduced, and have larger load capacity in small operations. Therefore, when checking the functional parameters, it is necessary to observe the operating fluctuations or carrying capacity of the load based on a large number of operations. 4. Ignoring the functional configuration The main functional parameters of the aerial platform stacker are the maximum operating height, the maximum operating fluctuation and the additional load of the passage. However, due to the particularity of the high-altitude operation, there are many auxiliary functions to provide users with more convenience. As well as safety assurance, such as auxiliary power and grounding devices such as power interface, hydraulic interface, lifting, channel toolbox, insulation barrel, small generator, silent power device, etc., to avoid hydraulic pipeline breakage, shutdown, interlocking up and down operation, OV control Up and down operation, emergency interception power and reverse recovery, maximum speed control, limit azimuth restraint, undulation restraint, soft back-off protection and other functions. These functions need to be fully considered when investigating and negotiating prices.
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