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Daily maintenance and troubleshooting of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-28
Daily maintenance of electric forklifts:    1. Clean the dirt, soil and dirt on the forklift. The key parts are: fork frame and mast slide, generator and starter, battery electrode fork column, water tank, air filter.  2. Check the fastening of each part, focusing on: fork frame support, lifting chain tightening screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pins, brakes, and steering gear screws.  3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the foot brake and steering gear. 4. Check for leakage, focusing on: various pipe joints, diesel tanks, engine oil tanks, brake pumps, lifting cylinders, tilt cylinders, water tanks, water pumps, engine oil pans, torque converters, transmissions, drive axles, main reduction gears , Hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder.   5. Put out the oil filter sediment. If the clutch slips or does not separate, analyze the reasons for the failure:   1, there is oil on the friction plate or the friction plate is damaged, the solution is to clean the friction plate or replace the friction plate;   2, the coupling state of the release bearing is pressed on the release lever, this The solution is to shorten the length of the push rod of the sub-cylinder assembly;   3, the free stroke of the release bearing is too large, the solution is to lengthen the push rod in the sub-cylinder assembly;   4, there is air in the oil circuit, this treatment The solution is to exhaust the air in the oil circuit;    there is abnormal noise in the gearbox, analyze the reasons for the failure:   1, the gear is worn excessively or the bearing is damaged, the solution is to replace the gear or replace the bearing;   2, there is miscellaneous in the gearbox The way to deal with things is to get rid of debris.   For many years, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, the company has been adhering to the value of 'management with heart and honestyLooking forward to your trust and support!
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