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Detailed introduction of the vehicle-mounted aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-01

The vehicle-mounted aerial platform stacker is a high-altitude work setup where the elevator is assembled on the car. It is composed of exclusive chassis, employment boom, three-dimensional full-rotation organization, flexible clamping device, hydraulic system, electrical system and safety device.


(1) Exclusive chassis. It is composed of engine, frame, walking organization, steering organization, etc. Considering the comprehensive conditions of employment reliability, noise, emissions, etc., the exclusive diesel engine for construction machinery is preferred. The engine is an in-line 4-cylinder water-cooled, naturally aspirated engine with a full-range governor. Features such as low fuel consumption and low emission pollution. In view of the low speed of the trolley and comprehensive consideration of the safety and economy of the operation, the frame adopts a rigid combination without a suspension organization, and the tires are high-load solid rubber tires. The traveling method is hydraulic drive, and the built-in traveling reducer integrated with the inlet motor and the reducer is directly selected. It is equipped with two speeds of fast and slow speed to meet the driving conditions of the vehicle in different environments. When driving on a ramp, the walking organization has the function of automatic control, and at the same time, it also has a gathering and dispersing device to facilitate towing when going out of the train. The steering organization adopts a linkage steering organization driven by a hydraulic cylinder.

(2) Employment device. The employment device is composed of an exhibition turntable, an employment boom, and a flexible flexible chain. The exhibition turntable is assembled on the frame through the exhibition transfer support, and is driven by the exhibition transfer organization, which can complete 360. Full exhibition turn. The extension and rotation organization includes planetary reducers, normally closed brakes, hydraulic motors, etc., and the extension and rotation support adopts an external meshing transmission method. The employment boom and the exhibition turntable are combined to form a three-level telescopic boom structure. The boom adopts a quadrilateral rounded cross section, and each job boom is guided by nylon sliders. The telescopic oil cylinder directly pushes the second section arm, and the third section arm expands and contracts synchronously with the second section arm under the use of the chain telescopic organization. The boom is driven by a luffing cylinder to implement luffing. All articulation points adopt self-smooth bearings. The conditions for landing and recuperation are provided. All points that require smoothness are equipped with refueling ports. You may wish to implement recuperation conveniently. In order to facilitate maintenance, all oil cylinders and pipelines are installed externally, and the pipelines and cables are equipped with a guaranteed towline.

(3) Three-dimensional rotation organization. The assembly position of the setting or system is usually defined by two parameters: elevation and orientation. In view of the conditions, the object to be lifted may be able to perform self-supporting maneuvers in the three vertical directions in space, so that the objects may be assembled at random angles and maneuvers. The pitch azimuth angle may be implemented through the boom luffing. The fine-tuning is done by leveling the cylinder, and the single-line organization is never set, so as to reduce the organization setting. The swinging extension swivel has a screw nut organization inside, which hydraulically pushes the screw rod to agitate the outer ring to rotate, and manipulates the extension swivel angle of the extension swivel through the process of manipulating the screw. The hydraulic oil circuit is equipped with a hydraulic lock, which locks the hydraulic oil when it is stopped, so that it can be reliably positioned when the body is turned.

(4) Flexible clamping device. The telescopic arm is divided into 2 sections, the diameter of the air duct on the left card, the length can be conveniently adjusted through the screw structure, and it is used as another supporting side of the air duct. The flexible soft belt is divided into two sections, the long section is coupled to the rocker arm through a spring, the short section is coupled to the telescopic arm, and the two sections are combined with a buckle, and the length is adjustable. When the oil cylinder is extended, one end of the soft belt and the spring are unchanged, and one end and the telescopic arm are unchanged, and then the oil cylinder is retracted to clamp the air duct. When the oil cylinder is retracted, the soft belt is loose and the buckle is lonely, without manual assistance, and the clamping device can be automatically retracted with the boom.

(5) Electrical and hydraulic systems. The hydraulic system adopts a variable plunger pump and a quantitative gear pump to supply oil, which is driven by the engine. The variable pump supplies oil for walking, turntable extension, boom luffing and boom telescoping, and the gear pump supplies oil for walking steering organization, job device swing, job device flip, job device clamping and leveling organization fine-tuning. The behavior of supplying oil from the variable pump is controlled by a proportional valve, so that the speed is adjusted correctly. In view of the low speed and small flow, the other behaviors are directly controlled by the electromagnetic reversing valve. Safety devices such as safety relief valves and hydraulic locks are installed in the hydraulic system. Chassis operation is regarded as an emergency control system, which can only be used for the control of the equipment above the turntable of the exhibition, and cannot be used for driving and steering.

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