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Development of a preset system of several methods for the meaning of electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-26
The part color combination function operates on the part model file, which can group the surface of the part model and assign different colors to different groups, and then obtain several new part color schemes through random changes. You can specify the range of color changes from the user interface, or you can make random fine-tuning in a small range based on the results of manual color matching or automatic color matching, and generate several new color schemes. The assembly color combination is similar to the part color combination function, except that the operation object is the assembly model, which is used to group the parts in the assembly, and assign different colors to different groups, and then obtain several new assemblies through random changes Body color scheme.   Assembly Combination Design Module This module is used to select components from a user-specified component library, and then generate a variety of solutions through the assembly combination for user evaluation. parameter combination design module The parameter combination design of the forklift is realized by interactive genetic algorithm, and the original code is obtained by combining various size parameters defined in the original model modeling, as shown in formula (1): Xu003d{x1, x2,..., xn} (1) where: xi is the size variable. In order to facilitate genetic operations, perform secondary encoding on the basis of the original encoding to obtain the product gene encoding in binary form, as shown in formula (2): XBu003d{b1, b2,..., bn} (2) where: bi is Binary value, discrete integer or real xi size range into several value segments, bi is the integer number of the value segment expressed in binary; mi is the number of value segments; ximin is the lower bound of the value range; Δxi is the length of the value range.  The purpose of this secondary coding strategy is to operate on the subspace index, which can conveniently use the binary genetic operation method, and can ensure the diversity of individuals through the control of the random vector. The division density of the subspace can be divided into a fixed density according to the nature of the parameters and design experience (such as enumerated product style parameters), or it can be continuously modified with the advancement of evolutionary operations in an adaptive way, and can even be set to a non-uniform form according to needs . Multi-scheme display of forklift safety frame. The user uses the mouse to select a number of more satisfactory solutions from the various solutions displayed side by side. The program performs a statistical analysis of the value range of each size parameter based on the user's selection, and infers the user's preference based on the analysis results and automatically generates a new batch of solutions. This cycle until the user is satisfied. Statistical analysis of the value range of the size parameter. S is the number of the size segment; D is the number of the solution selected by the user in each size segment.   assembly combination design module The assembly combination design module can call out parts and components from the specified component library and then automatically assemble them into a forklift truck. This module is mainly used for the combination and reuse of previous partial design data. The program is assembled according to the number of programs input by the user and the component library, and then the user selects a satisfactory program from them, and gradually obtains the final result in a hierarchical optimization method. Assembly design result.   The system built by the conclusion is a dedicated CAID system for forklift products.   The domestic research and development of computer-aided industrial design (CAID) system has a history of nearly 10 years and has produced a large number of industry-specific technical achievements. The developed system is the first CAID system in the forklift field. Compared with the existing technology, the results of this project have the following advantages: 1) For the first time, a multi-scheme conceptual innovative design technology for forklifts is proposed. For the conceptual design of lithium pallet truck products, it has realized multi-scheme design from the three aspects of parameters, color and assembly combination, and allows users to interactively select several satisfactory schemes, and then optimize them on this basis, which is an intelligent conceptual design technology Strong promotion.  2) Realize the visualization of the conceptual design process. The whole design process has realized 'what you see is what you getThe process is reliable.
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