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Do you know the air removal method of forklift brake system?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-15
When air accidentally enters the brake system of the forklift, the brake pedal of the forklift will not be strong at this time, and the resistance of the forklift brake system will be soft. To correct the cause, do you know the air removal method of the forklift brake system? The electric forklift manufacturer's car tells you: Reason: The fluid or oil in the forklift brake system is low and leaked. It may also be caused by a broken brake wire or a brake wire that is not in contact. In order to remove air from the brake system of the forklift, Hangzhou forklift tells you: 1. Fill the reservoir with the correct fluid to a place 12.7 (.50in) away from the container lid. 2. Press the brake pedal and open the exhaust screw to release the gas from the system. At this time, still apply pressure on the brake pedal, close the exhaust screw, and then let the pedal return to its original position. 3. Repeat step 2 as many times as necessary until there is no more air in the brake fluid. 4. (If assembled): In addition to using other exhaust screws, please follow the procedures in steps 2 and 3 again. 5. Fill the reservoir with the correct fluid to the level mentioned in step 1 above.
Four precautions for towing and transporting faulty electric forklifts
(1) When using towing or rope-towing electric forklifts, the towed electric forklift must have the driver to operate the steering and release the brakes. (2) When the braking function of the electric pallet truck is intact, pull the control arm to the operating position to pull the electric forklift, and ask others to assist in the transportation (the pushing part is at the outer mast), and the electric forklift can be sent to the destination or our company Repair at the maintenance point. (3) If the driving wheel of the electric forklift fails, the electric forklift can be driven by a trailer or tractor. note! The driving wheels of the electric forklift must be lifted off the ground, otherwise the wheels and motors will be seriously damaged. (4) If the electromagnetic brake of the electric forklift fails and the brake cannot be applied, the forklift will move with the terrain after it is parked. At this time, the wedges must be used to cushion the wheels to prevent movement.
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