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Do you know the battery (battery) repair technology of electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-15
Market demand is an opportunity. The repair of lead-acid batteries for electric forklifts is a new thing. Many people don't understand it, and many people don't understand it. Some people say: 'Battery batteries can never be repaired. If they can be repaired without damage, wouldn't the battery factory go bankrupt?' However, some organizations have concluded that lead-acid batteries are completely repaired through various practice repairs over the years. It can be repaired. But it has a certain range, not all batteries can be repaired. The battery whose active material on the electrode plate falls off (shown as the color of the liquid drawn from the battery is very dark and turbid), short-circuited, and broken batteries cannot be repaired. For batteries that are vulcanized due to lack of water or overcharge, overdischarge and undercharge, the repair effect of the composite resonant pulse technology is very obvious. So whether the repair of lead-acid batteries has practical significance, it is necessary to analyze the main reasons for battery scrap:    electric pallet truck users know that overcharging, undercharging and overdischarging are common phenomena for every user. These will lead to battery vulcanization; those in the industry who are engaged in maintenance and distribution of electric forklifts know better that the main reason for the shortened working time of electric forklifts is that the battery pack is unbalanced, that is, at least most of the battery packs are good. The other single batteries may be inefficient, which will directly affect other batteries that are in good condition. There is also the problem of short discharge time, that is to say, there is a phenomenon of vulcanization. If it is not repaired, the entire battery pack will be scrapped; in this case, DACEEN will screen and match the entire battery pack individually, and repair the single battery that does have a problem. The repaired battery can almost reach The original use level of the battery (of course, the battery and the service life and condition of the regular brand) and the design life of the battery are close. To be precise, 95% of the causes of battery damage are caused by water shortage and vulcanization, and they can all be repaired and reused.   Therefore, DACEEN can say with certainty: Lead-acid batteries can be repaired! Its economic significance and social benefits are very large. Especially for forklift leasing and end users, it can save a purchase cycle.
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