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Features of stainless steel hydraulic truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-11-30

Features of stainless steel hydraulic truck

In the medical, food, beverage and other industries, hydraulic trucks made of ordinary materials cannot be used for a long time, and are prone to rust and corrosion. Stainless steel hydraulic trucks are made of special materials, which are not easy to rust. Built to last.

Stainless steel hydraulic truck is a relatively small hand tool in the lifting industry. After all, more ordinary hydraulic trucks are generally used. Using this stainless steel truck equipment can transport various goods and small equipment, in warehouses and other places Loading and unloading vehicles, pulling parts in large tools, etc.

From the product structure point of view, the obvious feature of the stainless steel hydraulic truck is its own color, and the silver-white stainless steel has a compact overall structure. This kind of product is designed from the fork to the body, coupled with the close link of the hydraulic system, the transmission mechanism adopts the parts of international standard, and each part has undergone strict quality inspection, which can really guarantee the quality of the product in use. Safety.

The chain of the stainless steel hydraulic truck has been reliably guaranteed in terms of quality. The arrangement of the chain on the body is stable and orderly, which not only ensures the beautiful appearance but also saves the distance of repeated pressing and swinging, so that the overall structure is compact. can strengthen.

The hydraulic structure installed above the fork adopts a compact and sturdy shape design, which not only ensures the stability of the connection but also enhances the overall compact performance.

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