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Forklift performance evaluation standards

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-08
Many companies make a generalized judgment on the products when they buy a forklift, but there are also many people who do not have a comprehensive understanding of the forklift, and then cannot make a correct judgment. Then, what are the details of the criterion for judging the performance of the forklift? 1. Ergonomics Ergonomics is a science widely used in product planning, especially in improving the operating environment. The intention is to maximize production power by reducing driver fatigue and increasing operating comfort. In forklift planning, ergonomics is reflected in all aspects: ① Reduce driver fatigue during operation: common planning can reduce the driver’s operating actions and make the operation more labor-saving; ② Comfort: humanized planning can make driving The operator insists on an outstanding mood and reduces operating errors; ③ Outstanding vision: Provides an outstanding vision for the forklift operation process, which not only improves the power, but also ensures the safety of the driver. 2. When low-cost companies purchase and use forklifts, the total annual cost includes: ① purchase cost; ② protection cost; ③ energy consumption cost; ④ labor cost; purchase cost will be evenly shared among the forklifts. As a result, high-priced forklifts will have a longer lifespan which will reduce the acquisition cost. The actual repair cost is not only related to the cost of repairing parts, but also related to the fault rate or time of fault. Therefore, a high-quality forklift has a lower protection cost because of its lower failure rate. Energy consumption costs will vary with forklifts with different power systems, such as electricity, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or gasoline. The labor cost varies with the number of drivers and their total monthly salary. The number of drivers will be reduced due to the choice of high-power forklifts. 3. High power and high power does not only mean high speed (driving, progress, descent speed), it also means that the time required for the operator to complete a work cycle is short, and the power can always be maintained throughout the work time. Many factors can promote power improvement: ① Speed u200bu200bbumps, such as driving speed, progress and descent speed, etc.; ② Use of ergonomic planning to reduce the number of operations; ③ Accuracy of operation; ④ Use of ergonomic planning , To minimize fatigue; ⑤ Outstanding horizon; 4. The safety planning of high-safety forklifts should be able to fully ensure the safety of drivers, goods and the forklift itself. High-quality forklifts often consider every detail and every possibility in safety planning. 5. For the convenience of protection, consider whether the forklift is convenient for protection. All parts should be easily replaced, and the diagnosis and removal of faults should be quick. The control systems of high-quality forklifts are now modularized, and can be directly connected to a laptop computer, and the diagnosis program can be used to quickly find faults or modify parameter settings (such as driving speed). Before purchasing a forklift, an enterprise should not only understand the price and tonnage of the forklift, but also combine the detailed operating conditions and development plans of the company, and make a purchase decision after considering the strength, promise, and service assurance of the forklift manufacturer. In addition to providing reliable after-sales services, a competent lithium pallet truck supplier should have professional knowledge of sales personnel who can assist customers in completing models and equipment selection phases. CPCD should be a first-generation forklift type code, just like the current FD/FG. The first C should be a domestic code, and the one behind it should be an internal combustion engine or a battery. CPCD is a general forklift. C: ; P: Counterweight; C: Diesel engine; D: Tonnage. There is also the code name of the side fork CCCD, etc., and some special forklifts have their own code names. The main parameters are: 1. Load capacity; 2. Engine brand type; 3. Electronic control brand type; 4. Several levels of mast; 5. Side shifter; 6. Solid tires, pneumatic tires;
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