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How does the market position the price of electric stackers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-12
The price of electric stacker trucks is often a matter of dispute between enterprises and purchases, and customers are often lost for the 1% price difference or smaller. How do enterprises determine the price of electric stacker trucks or how to set prices, generally companies will Increase the price by 80% or more of the production cost. Of course, if the company's interest rate is less than 20% or 30%, the quality of your stacker will also be greatly discounted. The price of an electric stacker can determine the quality of an electric stacker. Many purchases are made to keep the price down and let the factory produce it. Then the original accessories may be replaced with an unknown domestic brand. When purchasing an electric stacker, We must keep in mind the accessories parameters of the stacker, such as the motor, electric control, mast, battery and other important parts, which must be clearly specified. In this way, even if the price is not high, the average manufacturer cannot steal the beam and change the column. The price of an electric lithium pallet truck is not the final standard. The standard may be the budget of your own company, the on-site working conditions used, or a combination of the two. A good brand must have a good service. When purchasing industrial equipment, service It's also an important part. Don't judge the stacker for the price, nor can you compare an unknown brand with a branded product. It is simply incomparable. Finally, when choosing an electric stacker, you must carefully check its corporate qualifications. The production of electric stackers requires a 'Special Equipment Production License'. Enterprises that cannot obtain this qualification are good at saying nothing. It is still zero.
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