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How is the forklift battery formed?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-17

  Battery forklift refers to a traction lithium pallet truck that uses batteries as the driving energy. There is no doubt that the battery is the fundamental periphery of the forklift, and the driving and loading are all propelled by it. Without the battery pack, the forklift is as costless as scrap iron. It can be said. So how is the forklift battery formed?

  Most of the battery forklifts and battery tractors used are u0026ldquo;energy-based batteriesu0026rdquo;. Energy-based batteries are also calledu0026ldquo ; Traction batteryu0026rdquo;, its working principle and start-up battery are fundamentally opposite; but from the point of view of structure, the positive plate of energy battery generally adopts tubular plate, and the negative plate adopts paste-type plate. The positive electrode plate is a tube made of a row of vertical aluminum-antimony alloy cores and a glass fiber braided outer jacket; its tube core is on a grid made of lead-antimony alloy and formed by supplementary active materials. Because of the maintenance of the surface glass fiber, the active materials in the tube are not easily scattered, so the life of the tube plate is definitely longer. The single energy battery is connected by bolts, or the type of welding is not necessary for disassembly. Battery packs. Battery forklifts and battery tractors are all powered by the type of battery pack, and the combined structure of the forklift battery is only the battery itself. If accurate use is the key, follow-up maintenance is the key to determining the life of the forklift battery.

   is a household name, the forklift battery is based on a 2V single unit connected in series, mixed with a more enhanced current, so as to reach the goal of driving the forklift. The single unit adopted a tube-type plate combination in the earliest stage, and the initial charge Fight for two stages to stop: first charge with the initial charging current until the electrolyte releases bubbles, and the single cell voltage rises to 2.3~2.4V; then reduce the current to 1/2 the initial charge current, and continue to charge until the electrolyte releases violent bubbles The sign and voltage continue to be stable and stable for 3H. The full charging time is about 45~65H. During the charging process, you should always measure the electrolyte temperature by halving the current, stop charging or cooling, and control the temperature at 35~40 degrees. At the end of charging, if the electrolyte specific gravity is different, use distilled water or an electrolyte with a specific gravity of 1.4 to stop the adjustment. After adjustment, recharge for 2H until the specific gravity meets the rules. Other forklift batteries cannot be properly discharged, and a moderate charge may be discharged. Regarding the impact of battery life, new batteries often fail to reach capacity after the first charge, and the discharge cycle should be stopped. Discharge at a discharge rate of 20HH (that is, discharge with a current of 1/20 of the extra capacity until the single cell voltage drops to 1.75V. ), and then make up for the shortage of charging current. If the capacity is still less than 90% of the additional capacity through a cycle of charging and discharging, the cycle of charging and discharging should be stopped again, and the forklift battery cell will be unbalanced in the future. In the form of, you need to introspect closely, otherwise the battery life will be able to land quickly.

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