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How to effectively use electric stackers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-06
How to effectively use electric stackers? I believe this is a question that many people have thought about. Everyone wants to know how to make electric forklifts better for themselves! When using an electric stacker, if you want to use it more effectively, you must pay attention to the usual maintenance. This is a very important point. As long as the electric stacker is better maintained, the service life of the machine can be prolonged. The following is Maintenance: First of all, when using an electric stacker, when loading and transporting goods, any operator must pay attention to the load, never overload, and at each start time, must ensure that the battery is sufficient, and check whether the battery water is sufficient , If the amount of water in the battery is insufficient, there will be many safety hazards, and the prescribed workload cannot be completed. Secondly, in the process of using the electric stacker, we must pay attention to hygiene issues, clean all the dust on the car, and ensure the normal state of use. If the above problems are noticed, basically no problems will occur.
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