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How to improve the safety performance of the fixed high-altitude lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-30
The fixed high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform is an indispensable equipment in industrial production. It plays an important role in high-altitude operations. Following the frequent occurrence of safety incidents in recent years, we should pay more attention to safety. The editor will explain to us how to improve the safety function of the lifting channel? 1. Anti-falling safety device The anti-falling safety device is an important part of the fixed high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform. It is necessary to rely on it to eliminate the occurrence of falling cages and ensure the safety of the occupants. 2. Safety lowering equipment When the fixed lifting channel encounters a sudden power failure during work or the equipment fails to descend normally, the mobile lifting channel is equipped with a safe lowering device. 3. Timely replacement of worn gears and racks for construction on the construction site, the working environment is harsh, cement, mortar, and dust cannot be eliminated cleanly. The mutual grinding of gears and racks, the teeth are still sharpened and still in use, should be caused Pay attention. 4. Safety maintenance switch The safety maintenance switch of the mobile lifting channel is planned according to safety needs, including fence door limit, cage door limit, top door limit, limit switch, upper and lower limit switch, counterweight anti-break Rope maintenance switch, etc. 5. Construction of safety buffers. Construction of buffers on fixed high-altitude lifting platforms. The last ground defense of mobile lifting channels. First, it must be installed. Second, it must have certain strength. It can accept the impact of the rated load of the mobile lifting channel, and has a buffer effect.
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