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How to lubricate the forklift clutch release bearing?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-05
During use, the release bearing of the internal combustion lithium pallet truck clutch works very frequently, and the number of damages accounts for a large proportion of the forklift failures! The editor of Hangzhou tells you: How to lubricate the forklift clutch release bearing? If the driver's operation is good, the bearing can be used for about 3 months, but it must be updated when it is repaired! If the driver's operating skill level is low, the lithium pallet truck he drives will have the release bearing damage almost every month, and other parts such as the release lever and clutch plate will be damaged after damage. So here comes the problem! What is the reason why the clutch release bearing is easily damaged? In practical experience, although the driver is strictly required to drip oil once a day on the release bearing, this is not only cumbersome to operate, but the bearing is still often damaged. After analysis, it is believed that because the high temperature of the engine is transmitted to the release bearing, and the high-speed rotation of the bearing will also produce high temperature, it is difficult for the lubricating oil to remain in the bearing under such conditions. , Resulting in frequent damage to the release bearing. According to the above problems, it has also been tested to heat the bearing in the grease to make the grease soak into the bearing. After this treatment, although the grease can fill the bearing, the structure of the grease after high temperature treatment is damaged, its performance The effect of this method is very unsatisfactory, and the service life of the bearing has not been extended. A sharp-nosed grease gun was also used to directly grease the release bearing.
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