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How to maintain the battery of the manufacturer's electric forklift?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-02
The power source of electric counterbalanced forklifts is mainly based on batteries and DC motors. The correct use of the manufacturer's electric pallet truck batteries, including correct charging operation, correct replacement and other operational problems, are to keep the electric counterbalanced forklift accessories in the best condition. Basic skills. For the battery charging operation of the manufacturer’s electric forklift, the battery of the electric counterbalance forklift is a relatively fragile aspect. If the maintenance work in this area is done well, it will prolong the battery life and life of the manufacturer’s electric forklift. On the contrary, it will reduce the work efficiency. , And accelerate the loss of the battery of the electric counterweight forklift, and eventually the manufacturer's electric forklift battery cannot work normally. So how to maintain the battery of the electric counterbalance forklift to make full use of the battery? 1. Use habits. As a manufacturer of electric pallet truck battery products, please pay attention not to start work immediately. 2. As a construction machinery vehicle, electric counterbalanced forklifts often have to perform large-scale work, and vibration and shaking are unavoidable, so we are doing Pay attention when working and check whether the battery holder is firm before driving. 3. When charging the battery of the manufacturer's electric forklift daily, remember that it is best to unplug the battery after it is fully charged.
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