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How to solve the oil leakage of aluminum alloy elevator?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-20
Aluminum alloy aerial platform stacker is a kind of aerial work equipment, which can reach up to 23 meters. Because of its low price, beautiful shape, light and flexible movement, it soon won the domestic market. During work, we will see the aluminum alloy aerial work platform leaking oil, which causes no one in the environment, but also affects the work progress and the beauty of the equipment. So what is the cause of the aluminum alloy aerial platform stacker oil leakage?   First, the equipment is aging, the equipment is used for a long time, the equipment is not maintained, the firmware is damaged, loose, and the tubing joint is broken or loose, which often causes oil leakage.  Second, during the repair process, some related accessories are not matched, not the accessories produced by the same manufacturer, or the operation is not standard when changing the hydraulic oil, which will also cause oil leakage.   Third, problems with the equipment itself, such as improper dimensions of the seals, damage, aging, or problems with the quality of the fuel tank, cracks, blisters, etc., are also the source of the oil leakage of the equipment.  Fourth, equipment overload during work can also cause oil leakage. All in all, when there is oil leakage in the aerial work channel, we should repair it, or ask the purchaser what to do, try to isolate the oil leakage at the source, and pay attention to the use of aluminum alloy aerial work platforms every year or half. Condition to maintain a high-altitude operation channel.
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