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How to solve the problem that the aerial work platform cannot be started

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-21
In the normal operation of the aerial platform stacker engine, the starter or battery failure will make it difficult to start the engine, or even unable to start. In this situation, we first need to know the operating conditions of the starter and battery in the aerial platform stacker in order to roughly determine the location of the shortcomings. Assuming that the battery has been used for more than one year, the battery should be inspected, primarily because it is likely to be damaged by the battery and cannot be used. Assuming that the battery operating time is short and the engine has not been overhauled for a long time, it should be checked from the starter. Then, based on the shortcomings in the initiation process, analyze it. 1. When starting, just start the machine's electromagnetic switch 'gluckThis phenomenon is generally attributed to battery shortcomings. 2. The temporary parking of the aerial platform stacker can be initiated every time, but the crankshaft can only be rolled when the parking time is long or the next day is preliminary. This phenomenon is severe due to the self-discharge of the battery, and its plates and separators are severely deteriorated. This indicates that the battery is close to being scrapped, and the battery needs to be replaced at this time. 3. At the initial stage of the aerial work platform, the starter suddenly became weak, accompanied by the smell of burning rubber or the smell of smoke outside the battery. 4. The reasons may be the following two reasons: one is the deformation of the meshing and cutting of the flywheel ring gear, and the other is the gap between the transmission gear and the flywheel ring is too large; the initiator cannot be initiated because the two cannot be meshed. 5. When the main switch of the power supply is connected, the drive gear of the starter motor meshes with the flywheel ring gear and rolls. Assuming that this kind of shortcoming occurs, one is that the holding coil of the electromagnetic switch of the starter motor is connected to the power terminal by mistake; the other is the 3-wire connection on the key switch. The judging method is that the key does not roll when the key is the driving gear of the starter. '06. The initial position of the initiator switch, the initiator cannot initiate, and there is no other phenomenon. This disadvantage is that the key and switch of the switch are not connected to the starting circuit; the second is that the starter relay is not connected to the electromagnetic switch circuit of the starter motor, and the third is that the power switch is not connected to the main circuit.
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