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Hydraulic oil control of hydraulic lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-25
When using the hydraulic lifting platform, it is necessary to pay attention to the hydraulic oil tank air pressure that has already controlled the oil volume. Pressure-type fuel tanks should always pay attention to the pressure of the fuel tank during work, and its pressure must be kept within the scale specified in the random 'Operation Manual'. If the pressure is too low, the oil pump is easily damaged due to lack of oil absorption; if the pressure is too high, the hydraulic system will leak oil, which will simply cause a low-pressure oil circuit to burst. For equipment after repair and oil change, after exhausting the air in the system, check the oil level according to the 'Operation Manual' provided in the machine, stop the machine on a flat place, check the oil level from the beginning after the engine is turned off for 15 minutes, if necessary Make up. Other precautions for hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform During operation, falling rocks should be avoided to hit hydraulic cylinders, piston rods, hydraulic tubing and other components. If there is a small click injury on the piston rod, it is necessary to grind away the edges around the small point with a whetstone in time to prevent damage to the sealing equipment of the piston rod, and continue to use without oil leakage. For equipment that has been stopped for more than 24 hours, the hydraulic pump should be filled with oil before it is started to prevent the hydraulic pump from being damaged by dry grinding. Nowadays, some construction machinery hydraulic systems are equipped with intelligent equipment. This equipment has a reputation for showing certain dangers in the hydraulic system, but its monitoring scale and degree have certain limitations. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system should be based on the monitoring results of the intelligent equipment. Combine regular inspection and maintenance.
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