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Learn about the advantages of the all-electric forklift AND electric pallet truck so that everyone can adopt it

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-13

The pallet truck is a logistics handling device used to move goods. Following the difference in the energy system, the pallet truck may be divided into: manual pallet truck, semi-electric pallet truck, and all-electric pallet truck. Among them, the manual pallet truck is driven by the talented hydraulic system to complete the lifting and lowering of the pallet goods, and is pulled by manpower to end the handling operation. The all-electric pallet trucks all adopt a power-discharging control system without manual control, which is a time-saving and labor-saving handling tool. Therefore, all-electric trucks are often used in work sites with high work frequency and high work intensity. Learn about some of the advantages of the all-electric pallet truck of Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to facilitate everyone's adoption.

(1) The dissatisfied driving system makes the electric pallet truck respond faster, operate more correctly, and operate more calmly.

(2) The latest communication manipulator, with reliable quality and excellent function, can make the motion function of the electric pallet truck reach the best form under different operating conditions.

(3) Good sealing function, low noise and low vibration, to ensure that the fork lift of the electric pallet truck is reliable.

(4) Reliable quality system integration plug-ins and electrical components, all wires and cables have reliable and constant protection, which greatly reduces electrical faults.

(5) Critical reverse driving function. In the process of driving backwards, once the operator is secretly in the environment, the operator will naturally respond with his body hitting the reverse button of the handle, and the electric pallet will immediately reverse critically Drive, so that the operator can prevent damage. Without fork leg design, the front end of the electric pallet truck is barrier-free, so it can adapt to a variety of working occasions.

(6) Lengthen the body, increase the weight of the whole vehicle, and play a balanced role in the fork lifting process, retaining the stability of the electric pallet, and the arc-shaped integrated design, which is beautiful and generous.

(7) Specially designed to drive the electromechanical to supply stronger energy. When the electric pallet truck is fully loaded, it will continue to maintain high-speed operation, making the operation wider and more efficient.

(8) Emergency stop button, all power can be cut off only by pressing the button, and the electric pallet truck will stop immediately.

(9) The arc-shaped front frame is designed to improve the safety of the front frame in the process of going up and prevent the electric pallet truck from getting caught.

(10) The high-strength electric pallet truck body design conforms to high-strength employment occasions, reduces the swing of the electric pallet truck during driving, has a long service life, and has an integrated arc design, which is beautiful and generous.

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