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Loading and unloading of goods with manual hydraulic trucks in the hardware market

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-11-29

Features of manual hydraulic truck:

Workers in the largest hardware market in the development zone use manual hydraulic trucks to load and unload goods. The manual hydraulic trucks can be lifted and lowered, and heavy objects can be loaded and unloaded efficiently as long as they are properly operated.

1. The gantry is made of heavy-duty column steel and cold-formed. Make the door frame stronger, safer, mobile sensitive and easy to operate.

2. The hydraulic cylinder of the manual hydraulic truck adopts high-precision grinding pipe, imported oil seal, and one-piece valve core, which is convenient for disassembly and repair. The footstep method increases the speed and circulation, and greatly improves the safety.

3. The manual hydraulic truck adopts the leading spray technology to improve the appearance of the product and the durability of the added manual hydraulic truck.

4. The manual hydraulic truck is a pollution-free manual hydraulic truck with sensitive transportation, sensitive operation and small turning radius.

5. Manual hydraulic trucks are suitable for production workshops, production workshops, warehousing, stations, docks, airports, etc., and are especially suitable for use in places with fire and explosion-proof requirements, such as printing workshops, various oil storage, chemical warehouses and other places.

6. The manual hydraulic pallet truck can not only reduce bumps, scratches, etc., but also reduce the workload and stacking position, and greatly improve the work efficiency.

Manual hydraulic truck using mobile operation method:

1. During the driving process, pay attention to the difference of the outer wheels of the lithium pallet truck to prevent the rear wheels from scratching the surrounding obstacles when turning during the transportation.

2. When operating, pay attention to keep driving at a constant speed, try to control the speed and direction of the vehicle, do not go too fast, so as not to be difficult to control when turning.

3. The staff should understand the road conditions in advance. If they work under poor road conditions, the lifting weight should be appropriately reduced.

4. Be careful when turning the lithium pallet truck, drive as close to the inner sideline as possible, and return to the right direction in time after turning to avoid scratching.

5. During the driving process, the staff should keep their concentration and avoid chatting with people around them. If any abnormal situation is found during the transportation process, they should stop and check in time.

When the manual hydraulic truck is working, it is necessary to pay attention to stability and safety, and reasonable use can ensure that the goods and equipment are not damaged.

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