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Points to note when unloading electric stackers

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-12

The electric stacker is a stressful handling thing in our modern life. It has lost its wider use in many aspects of society. Regarding the electric stacker, unloading at work is a stressful task. What do we need to pay attention to when unloading? The above is a brief introduction.

Things to pay attention to when unloading electric stackers:

1. When unloading electric stackers , It is necessary to abandon the lower unloading rate, and at the same time to unload the goods slightly, so that the ability is ineffective to prevent the destruction of the goods during the unloading process.

2. The electric stacker is in the process of carrying the goods. Overload is not allowed in the medium, because the overload condition can cause the dumping of the goods when unloading, so that the damage of the goods is inevitable.

3. Slowly lower the goods while ensuring the fork of the stacker. Do not fight against obstacles during the ascent process, so that the goods will not cause damage to the goods due to the obstacles.

4. The electric stacker needs to be handled with care during the work process. Guidelines, so the dual safety capabilities of the stacker itself and the goods are not guaranteed.

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