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Precautions for safe driving of electric forklifts to avoid accidents

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-16
When the electric pallet truck is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the fork. When it is really necessary for the auxiliary staff of the electric forklift to work, it should be equipped with a special basket for the electric forklift, and the fork should be fork into the special fixed groove under the basket. If the nature of high-altitude operations is basically harmless work such as inventory, labeling, etc., the driver should not leave the electric forklift in order to provide timely assistance;    If it is a job that requires the use of metal tools such as repairing lamps and pipelines, the driver of the electric forklift can choose to wear it. Safety helmets, sit in the cab to assist, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to operate the electric forklift.  In principle, electric forklifts are not allowed to overtake, but when they want to overtake a parked vehicle, they should slow down and make a horn, pay attention to observation.   When driving, the height of the bottom end of the fork should be maintained at 150-400mm, the mast must be tilted backward, and the horn must be sounded to inform when there are people in front.  Do not raise the forks too high when driving; pay attention to whether there are obstacles or scratches in the sky when entering and leaving the work site or on the way; when driving with a load, the forks are not allowed to rise too high, which affects the stability of the forklift.   It is strictly forbidden to turn off the forklift when driving downhill, and it is forbidden to brake suddenly when driving without special circumstances.   After unloading, lower the fork to the normal driving position before driving.   When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, signal to travel first. High-speed sharp turns are prohibited. High-speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tip over. When the forklift is in operation, it must comply with the traffic rules in the factory, and it must keep a certain safe distance from the vehicle in front. When passing the workshop door or intersection, it should be slow, watch twice, and pass three times; when stepping on and releasing the accelerator pedal, it should be done Tread lightly, change and lift, and don't step and release or shake continuously;.   When the forklift is running, the load must be at the lowest position that does not hinder the driving, and the mast must be tilted back properly. Do not increase the load when stacking or loading. The height of the load shall not obstruct the driver's sight. When items in special circumstances affect the forward line of sight, drive at a low speed when reversing. It is forbidden to turn on the slope, and it is forbidden to lift or lean forward during driving.   The safe driving speed of forklift trucks in the factory area is 5 km/h, and it must be driven safely at low speed when entering the production workshop area.   When lifting, lifting or driving a forklift, it is forbidden to stand on the forks to hold items and balance them.   If problems are discovered, they will be repaired and reported in time, and they will never work with diseases or conceal them.
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