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Problems that are easily overlooked by you in the process of driving an electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-18
I often see reports that accidents occur during the use of electric forklifts. Through careful observation and analysis, it is found that many accidents are caused by humans. Many drivers often ignore some problems during driving, leading to accidents. What should the driver pay attention to when driving? What problems are often ignored by drivers?  Using electric forklifts When loading goods, be sure to grasp the load center. Theoretically, the load center distance refers to the center point when the forks of the electric pallet truck pick up the goods. Generally refers to the center of the length of the cargo. If the fork length of the forklift is 1.20 meters, then the load center is 600mm. If the length of your cargo is 3 meters and the center of the goods is 1.5m, it is definitely not possible to use a fork of 1.20 meters. Even if it is reluctantly allowed, dumping is likely to occur, which is extremely dangerous. When the electric forklift is driving, if the fork is raised too high, it will increase the height of the overall center of gravity of the electric pallet truck, which will affect the stability of the forklift. Therefore, when driving, the fork should not be raised too high, and the height of the bottom end from the ground should be kept at 300-400mm, the load must be at the lowest position that does not hinder driving, the mast must be tilted backward, and the load must not be increased except when stacking or loading. When entering and leaving the job site or driving, pay attention to the obstacles that are scratched in the sky. If a large object needs to be moved, the object will block the driver's view, and the forklift should be reversed.   When the electric forklift is driving and turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, it should send a signal and prohibit high-speed sharp turns, otherwise the vehicle will lose lateral stability and overturn. It is strictly forbidden to turn off and taxi when going downhill; under special circumstances, it is forbidden to brake when the forklift is driving. When the load is more than 7 degrees and the speed is higher than the first gear up and down, the brake shall not be used under special circumstances. After unloading, lower the fork to the normal driving position before driving.  Electric forklifts must also abide by the traffic rules when operating in the factory area, and must maintain a certain safe distance from the vehicles in front. Since it is controlled by the rear wheel to steer, it is necessary to always pay attention to the swing behind the car to avoid the phenomenon of excessively sharp turns that often occur when beginners drive. It is forbidden to turn on the ramp, nor to drive across the ramp. When the forklift truck is going downhill, it should drive backwards, otherwise the cargo may be overturned.
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