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Reasons for oil leakage of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-11

  The electric stacker may leak rain when it is in use. What should I do when the machine breaks down? Let's talk about the oil leakage of the electric stacker above.

The reason for the oil leakage of the electric stacker:

  1. The plan of the electric stacker itself, and the failure of the craftsmanship of the spare parts led to the occurrence of the oil spill;

  2 , The electric stacker's spare parts assembly is not clean and clean, causing the machine to work under temporary violent friction, causing damage to the machine's accessories and causing the occurrence of oil leakage;

  3, the electric stacker is sealed The aging and deformation of the materials have caused oil leakage;

  4. The excessive amount of lubricating oil in the electric pallet truck truck causes the problem of excessive oil level, which makes the machine exhibit oil leakage problems ;

  5. The vent plug of the machine and the obstruction of the one-way valve will also cause the oil leakage problem of the electric stacker.

   The main reason for the oil leakage of the electric stacker In the above aspects, when the operator is using the machine, the oil leakage caused by the machine can be found from the above aspects, so that the problem can be solved quickly.

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