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Technological innovation of electric forklifts improves support

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-25
The use of technological innovation to enhance support is a practice that a maintenance station of the Joint Logistics Department of the Nanjing Military Region has adhered to for more than ten years. At present, the five cadres of the maintenance station each have at least one scientific research achievement, which has played an important role in the maintenance of handling machinery.  Electric forklifts are commonly used machinery in the rear warehouse. The use of the past empty truck unified discharge method to discharge the battery not only takes time and electricity but also fails to meet the discharge requirements, which affects the continuous operation ability. The head of the maintenance station, Shen Yanlin, led the research team while experimenting and demonstrating, and developed a battery discharger. This discharger can adjust the current according to the actual situation of the battery to achieve the purpose of fast and efficient discharge. They also improved the charging scheme and explored methods such as 'electromechanical separationService life. This innovation not only reduces the intermittent time of mechanized operations in the rear warehouse, but also effectively reduces operating costs.   The traditional delivery and delivery of materials in the rear warehouse rely on lithium pallet truck loading and unloading and truck transportation, and the work efficiency is low. Several technicians in the maintenance station have directly laid the self-made small rails from the warehouse to the railway station platform by consulting a large number of materials and design demonstrations, and converted the tractor into the power locomotive of the logistics system, which basically ended the history of truck transportation and greatly improved the work Efficiency, but also to ensure the safety of ammunition and weapons and other materials in the transportation process.
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