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The advantages of using lithium battery packs for electric forklifts are of great help to improving work efficiency

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-09

The operation and control of the lithium battery pack of the electric pallet truck is simple and flexible. The operating intensity of the operator is much lighter than that of the internal combustion forklift. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are all controlled by electrical signals, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, which is very important for improving Its work efficiency and work accuracy are very helpful.

Compared with internal combustion forklifts, the advantages of low noise and no exhaust emissions of electric vehicles have also been recognized by many users. Forklift lithium battery environmental protection. Diesel internal combustion forklift emissions have always been criticized by the industry, and the emissions are not up to standard. Especially for environmentally-friendly enterprises, closed workshops require electric forklifts. Although individual companies will use LPG forklifts, it is too difficult to add LPG in the country. At the same time, the purity of domestic liquefied gas is not up to the standard compared with Europe and the United States.

Routine maintenance. Electric forklifts are easy to maintain. Basically tidy up the hydraulic oil and clean the equipment, and the cycle can be maintained at a 1,000-hour maintenance cycle, as long as daily distilled water is added. However, for diesel internal combustion forklifts, maintenance is basically performed every 250 hours. Oil, air filter, etc. The cost is not low, and it takes a long time. For forklift lithium batteries, when most of the plates are covered with lead sulfate, the reaction basically ends. At this time, the density of the so-called 'discharged' electrolyte also drops.

When the lead-acid forklift battery is charged, under the action of the external power supply, the lead sulfate on the electrode plate is reduced to pure lead and lead dioxide, and the water in the electrolyte is reduced to sulfuric acid. At the same time, there is a large amount of The electrons from the positive plate return to the negative plate, thereby forming a charging current; as the charging progresses, there is more and more sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, and the density of the electrolyte gradually increases. The more fully charged, the higher the density of the electrolyte. .

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