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The bearing of each component of the fixed boarding bridge is established

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-01
Fixed docking bridges are divided into products according to their carrying capacity: fixed docking bridges are aid equipment for loading and unloading goods commonly used by forklifts. The height can be adjusted according to the unevenness of the car box. The forklift can directly drive into the outside of the box for batch work through this equipment. The boarding bridge equipment adopts manual hydraulic method without external power supply, which saves time and effort and improves obedience. Bridge frame: It is welded by high-strength manganese steel, which has the characteristics of high strength and great bearing capacity;    product advantages: single-person operation, flexible and convenient to move, improve work obedience, throttling rest, and replace the fixed platform that cannot be moved. Disadvantages. Safety anti-crack valve: prevent the oil pipe from breaking, actively lock the oil circuit when the oil pipe breaks, prevent loss of control and reduce chaos;   Solid tires: fixed dock tires are solid tires, no need to inflate, durable.    Cable chain: used for fixed type When the boarding bridge and the vehicle move, firmly hook the vehicle to ensure safe homework.   Manual hydraulic system: artificial energy can easily; complete the height adjustment of the fixed boarding bridge. The open space between the bridge and the vehicle ensures that the lithium pallet truck can pass through safely.    Anti-skid through-bottom steel grating: Increase friction, improve work compliance, and prevent accumulation of water and grease.    Fixed boarding bridges can reduce a lot of rest for enterprises, and become Improve the obedience of loading and unloading homework, accelerate the flow rate of goods, and obtain greater economic benefits. As long as a single person controls, the safe and fast loading and unloading of goods can be completed. Applicable occasions: large enterprises, warehouses, car seats, ship ports, storage and logistics bases, etc. with frequent loading and loading and different models.   There are three kinds of load-bearing capabilities of the fixed boarding bridge, which are common aids for loading and unloading goods used with forklifts. With fixed docking bridges, forklifts can drive directly into the outside of the car compartment from a high altitude to perform bulk loading and unloading tasks. The product uses artificial hydraulic energy and does not need to be connected to an energy source. Article from (Boarding Bridge)
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