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The cause of the hydraulic system of the aerial work platform and its remedy

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-20
With the continuous development and progress of society, high-altitude installations and maintenance have become common operating methods in this occupational field. With the rise of aerial work methods, aerial work platforms have gradually entered people's lives. It is simple in operation and stable in operation. It is a work equipment that is often used in climbing operations. And because of various uncontrollable factors, aerial work platforms are likely to show equipment failures. How to deal with this problem when there is noise in its hydraulic system? Reason:   ⑴The viscosity of the oil is too high⑵The speed of the pump is too high⑷The oil level in the oil tank is too low⑷The suction pipe joint is loose and sucks in air.⑸The connection between the pump shaft and the power take-off transmission is not concentric.⑹There is air in the oil tank and the oil circuit system. ⑺ The pipe edges or components are not well tightened, and the pipe clamp is loose. Solution: replace the hydraulic oil, purge the air, re-install and adjust the power take-off and replace the low-speed oil pump, and fix all kinds of pipe fittings tightly.
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