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The composition structure and working principle of electric forklift steering motor

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-18
1. The composition structure of the electric forklift steering motor:

   The electric pallet truck steering motor is referred to as EPS. It can use the power generated by the forklift motor to assist the driver in power steering. Different forklift structural components may be slightly different, but they are generally the same. It is usually composed of forklift accessories such as forklift direction sensors, electronic control units, motors, reducers, mechanical steering gears, and animal battery power supplies.

  Second, the working principle of the electric pallet truck steering motor:    When the forklift is turning, the direction sensor will 'feel' transmitting the signal to the steering wheel, and the steering wheel control unit will distribute the current to the steering motor, so that The direction of its rotation, these signals are directly sent to the electronic control unit through the data bus. The electronic control unit of the electric forklift sends an action command to the forklift motor controller according to the transmission torque, the direction to be rotated and other data signals, and the forklift motor will output as needed The size of the turning torque produces the corresponding power steering.   If it does not turn, the system will not work, and it will be in a dormant state waiting to be called.  Because the electric pallet truck has the working characteristics of power steering, the forklift driver will feel that driving such a forklift has a good sense of direction and is easier to operate.
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