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The difference between electric stacker and electric pallet truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-12

  Electric stacker and electric pallet truck are two examples of vehicles. Their usefulness in life is different. What are the details? The above is a brief introduction to everyone.

  The difference between electric stackers and electric pallets:

  Electric pallets are widely used in airports, ship ports, workshops, tunnels and other long-distance transportation vehicles that have extraordinary requirements for atmosphere and noise. It has the characteristics of small body, no pollution, low noise, easy operation, etc., and it can also plan models according to user requests; electric stacker is a light-weight indoor rare-use promotion and stacking facility, and its body is relatively heavy, and it passes in front of the body. The supporting arm of the lower part is lengthened with a gravity arm to balance the load.

  The electric stacker can be used to carry a certain amount of goods, and it can also be used for loading and unloading and stacking. It does not have the performance of unloading stacks. The differences between electric stackers and electric pallets are mainly reflected in the above aspects. People should be aware of them in practical use, use them properly, and maximize their effects.

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