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The difference between full electric stacker and semi-electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-16

What are the differences between fully electric stackers and semi electric stacker trucks? This article is provided by Zhijun with some basic knowledge about all-electric stackers. I hope to help you understand more common sense and make all-electric stackers. The full electric stacker and semi-electric stacker are more and more thorough in our understanding; this article analyzes its main use and main components and other parameters!

Electric stacker is a subdivision of the electric pallet truck category, It is a kind of hand-push walking. Electro-hydraulic lifting, walking, steering, fully active and all inconvenient handling facilities. It is therefore a battery-powered industrial handling vehicle, which refers to the beginning of loading and unloading, stacking, and stacking of pallet goods. All kinds of wheeled handling vehicles for stacking and short-distance transportation operations.

The semi electric stacker truck is equipped with a promotion electromechanical, and the promotion is carried out by the electromechanical hydraulic pressure to promote the hydraulic cylinder to complete the reduction of the goods. The rise and fall are promoted by electric drive. The utility rate of the battery is generally a combination of 12 volts and 24 volts, depending on the size of the tonnage. Multi-performance handle: the operator can start the vehicle through the electronic lock. Easily control the rise and fall rate, if necessary To decelerate up and down, you only need to control the switch on the handle to achieve the desired reduction and landing results.

The main function of the semi-electric stacker is to play the performance of ups and downs, and walking and steering are manpower controlled. Mainly used for unloading and unloading, stacking and stacking shelves, ground reclaiming, etc., as long as small areas of movement are required. Simple operation, low price, wide application range, inconvenient maintenance and protection, and relatively low request for channel width. However, the movement is laborious, and the safety factor Low, battery life is short, not suitable for goods with a load of more than 1.5 tons, and the load capacity changes greatly with the lowering of the height. Most semi electric stacker truck cannot load the extra load when they are lowered to the highest. Weight. It will reduce the tooth-bearing capacity with the degree of reduction.

All-electric forklifts have more driving forward and active steering performance than semi-electric forklifts. Both the promotion installation and the driving and walking installation are completed by electric, and the function is called an all-electric or full electric stacker. Drive installation is to mobilize the electromechanical work of the battery to drive the wheels to roll to complete the target and move the position; the promotion installation also uses electromechanics Mobilize the hydraulic station to promote the hydraulic cylinder to complete the promotion. Simply put: the lifting and moving are all electric, which can promote heavy objects within 2 tons, and the promotion can reach more than 5 meters. So it is all. Compared with semi-electric stacker trucks, electric stackers require a lot of effort to use, and work obedience is also greatly improved. It is three times that of semi-electric stacker truck, although it is more wasteful than forklifts. The difference between the two appearances is also It determines by the difference in their scope of use. Fully active stackers can replace electric pallets and forklifts to a large extent. It is easy to operate, powerful, safe to use, and promoted to be higher and heavier. The bottle has a long use time, no noise, and is usually free of protection.

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