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The difference between ordinary electric forklift and explosion-proof electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-11
At present, electric forklifts are widely used in many industries. Generally, as long as the forklift circuit does not leak electricity, there is almost no special protection. In fact, its requirements are different when used in different industries. For example, in an explosive and hazardous environment, the forklift is required to have an explosion-proof effect, so there is an explosion-proof electric pallet truck. When used in a non-hazardous environment, an ordinary forklift can be used.  Explosion-proof electric forklift is a special material handling machine, which is composed of a trackless chassis with special loading and unloading tools. The difference between it and ordinary electric forklifts is that the circuit is different. It has high requirements on the circuit, and can not produce sharp discharges, sparks, etc., so AC motors are often used, because AC motors do not produce sparks when working, and are safer. , Steering motors, hydraulic lifting motors, etc. cannot be used because they are prone to sparks. If these motors are used in special occasions, they will cause danger. If these motors must be selected, special protection, isolation, or sealing, etc. are required, while ordinary forklifts do not need to pay attention to these, nor do they need to conduct special protection, isolation, or sealing. Some dusty factories, paint factories, gas stations and other dangerous places, or in some electronic factory workshops that are sensitive to electronic interference, have very high safety requirements, and explosion-proof forklifts must be used. Ordinary electric forklifts or ordinary internal combustion forklifts cannot in use.  Because explosion-proof forklifts are specially modified on the basis of ordinary forklifts, they are generally not available in stock and can only be produced after booking. Therefore, the price is higher than that of ordinary forklifts.
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