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The essence of forklift maintenance technology!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-25
With the development of enterprises, the use of forklifts has become more frequent, and forklifts also have some maintenance procedures. Talk about electric forklifts: the essence of forklift maintenance technology! Technologists often pursue technical proficiency and comprehensive skills. They never get tired and enjoy it, but really forget the essential meaning and purpose of maintenance. We always regard the maintenance process as the purpose of maintenance. We think that through a day’s Diligent maintenance has realized the sublimation of skills.   Repair is for repair, repair is for normal, normal use is the purpose, and it can be used for a long time without breaking, this is called technology! It turns out that maintenance is just a process, and maintenance skills are just tools. In daily life, the so-called good technology and fast repair are just the performance of skilled maintenance skills and dedicated work attitude. Maintenance is for the customer. What is the customer's hope? Of course the forklift is not broken. Forklift trucks are used non-stop every day, and with constant wear and tear, they must be broken. We find the perfect solution in the customer's expectations and the reality of use, it is called technology! Therefore, skills are not technology, and skills cannot replace technology. Technology is the ability to find appropriate solutions.   At this point, everyone also understands the essence of maintenance technology. In fact, in the face of many weird and different failures, they can quickly formulate a set of effective and thorough repair programs. This is a kind of ability that is strengthened through professional training. It is based on the familiarity of the functions and principles of forklift design, and is based on a wide understanding of the daily failure phenomenon, accompanied by a strong desire to win and study. Forklift products have a closed cab and are equipped with wipers. After the summer, autumn and winter seasons, the sun exposure, rain and snow erosion, and the low temperature of wind and frost can easily age the wiper strips and cause the wipers to fail to clean normally. Rain on the windshield. Before spring comes, we must check the wiper as soon as possible. First, check whether the wiper can work normally, and then check whether the wiper strip needs to be replaced. If the wiper does not work properly, replace the wiper assembly; if it is found that the wiper cannot completely clean the rain, replace the wiper strip. In addition, the sealant strips for doors and windows should also be cleaned and maintained.
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