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The functional advantages of the hydraulic lifting platform have been upgraded

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-24
Today’s high-altitude lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms and lifting freight elevators and other mechanical equipment have been widely used in daily life and production. This is well known to people. However, the functional advantages of high-altitude lifting platforms have been upgraded again, as you know. Which ones? 1. Choose scissor folding (scissor type), which occupies a small area and does not need to be stored separately; 2. Low noise, hydraulic transmission makes the equipment less noise and noise during operation; 3. Hydraulic transmission, hydraulic transmission method is selected Make the lifting more stable and reliable; 4. Use advanced plastic spray technology to improve the appearance and durability of the product; 5. Use heavy-duty column steel door frame, cold-formed. Make the door frame more robust, safer, more flexible to move, and easier to operate; 6. The use of high-precision grinding pipes, imported oil seals, and integrated valve cores can be easily disassembled and repaired. The forward speed of the elevator is circulating, which greatly improves the safety of the operation; 7. The new explosion-proof electrical appliances are suitable for factories, warehouses, stations, docks, airports, etc., and are especially suitable for use in places requiring fire and explosion protection, such as chemical warehouses and textile factories. , Printing workshops and other high-risk places; 8. One-button lifting, two-way operation. The mobile lifting path is equipped with a lifting switch, and the operation path is the same. Therefore, it is simple and easy to operate in this way; 9. It is safe and efficient. If the equipment is suddenly cut off during work, you can choose to press the pressure relief valve. Descent is safe and easy; 10. No pollution, no harmful impurities such as exhaust gas, and flexible transportation, flexible operation, and small turning radius. In summary, there are many advantages of mechanical equipment such as high-altitude elevators, high-altitude lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms, and lifting freight elevators. With the development of technology, their advantages will be developed to more advanced skills, making them more convenient, convenient, lighter and more robust. Durable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, the advantages of the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform are fully utilized, making it a splendid highlight of today's high-altitude operations!
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