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The Necessity of Forklift Overspeed Alarm System Technology in Practical Application

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-17

  Why use forklift alarms? What benefits can the use of forklift alarms bring to users?

   With the rapid development of modern industries, consumer compliance, consumer safety and product quality are the development of an enterprise All, and these three aspects are mutually limiting and mutually contributing to each other. In order to lose the best commonality of these three aspects, the corporate governance class must invest a small amount of energy and time. Forklifts, as a tight logistics and transportation tool in today's modern industrial consumption, Because it often drives in places with a lot of people in the workshop, its safe driving is always limited to the rest of the operation, but the management class of the enterprise cannot monitor it all the time. How to monitor the safe driving of the factory transportation such as forklifts has become A piece of grudge of many corporate governance classes.

  This system was developed based on this type of situation. It adopts the advanced microcomputer control technology, intuitive digital display, two-level speed detection, and multi-level alarm control. And you can start high-fidelity voice alarm, the configured detection rate and voice have the performance of lost battery storage.

  1, the function of this system is:

  a, when the forklift driver is close to When the preset rate is used, the alarm will prompt the forklift driver with a flashing warning light.

  b. When the lithium pallet truck driver is using at a rate exceeding the preset rate, the alarm will alert the lithium pallet truck driver by sound .

  c. When the forklift speed drops to the preset rate, the alarm signal just disappeared.

  2, the benefits of this system are:

  a, It can reduce the safety incidents caused by the excessive use of forklifts, and reduce the hidden dangers of safety.

  b, it can improve the work obedience of lithium pallet truck drivers and the alertness of safety, and non-forklift drivers can use sound and The flashing of the warning light is used to judge whether the driver can exceed the speed.

  c, the working conditions of the forklift alarm are not affected and limited by the weather and the road surface.

  d, the device is inconvenient Fast.

  e, inspection and protection inconvenience.

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