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The production of electric trucks tells you that maintaining electric trucks is not a trivial matter

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-01-20

With the development of our industry, there are more and more requirements for the use of supporting tools in the production process. is an important auxiliary tool for industrial production, and it is indispensable to our modern logistics handling industry. It has also brought great help to our production, but most people do not pay attention to the relevant precautions when using electric trucks, which may cause safety accidents during use. Then the following is a brief introduction to the common sense of the use of electric trucks by the editor of the electric truck manufacturer, hoping to help you use the car better.

1. When using this car, I hope that everyone can pay attention to the problem of work efficiency, because this society is to improve the overall work efficiency. In addition, when purchasing, I hope that everyone can choose according to their actual situation, choose the one that suits you, don’t choose casually, otherwise it will be a waste, if the power is low, it will not be able to achieve fast speed at work. work efficiency.

2. If the company has just purchased a batch of electric pallet trucks, then everyone must pay attention to the operators, and must choose experienced people. In this case, it also has a protective effect on the car. Otherwise, it will damage the vehicle to a large extent when it is used. When the electric pallet truck is charged for the first time, all the batteries of the electric pallet truck should be unscrewed and capped before use, and the small hole seal should be removed to keep the small hole unobstructed. After adding the cooled electrolyte, the temperature should not be lower than or higher than 32 degrees. The electrolyte is prepared with sulfuric acid and distilled water. It is strictly forbidden to use other sulfuric acid and water to prepare electrolytic solution. The height of the electrolyte level should be appropriately 15-20 mm on the protective plate, and the QA dry charge battery can be used within two hours after adding the electrolyte. If it is used for a short time or shelved within 12 hours. The current of 5% of the available capacity is used for 3-4 hours to reduce the temperature to 30-35 degrees. If artificial forced cooling can be used in hot summer, the resting time is not allowed to exceed 12 hours.

Insufficient charging is strictly prohibited during initial charging. If the charging is insufficient, it will lead to insufficient charging of the battery for a long time, affecting the capacity of the battery and shortening the battery life of the electric truck, so the initial charging work should be cautious. During charging, the temperature of the battery should not exceed 45 degrees, otherwise the charging current should be reduced, artificial cooling should be performed stably, or charging should be suspended. In the charged state, the specific gravity of the electro-liquid and the terminal voltage of the battery remain unchanged for more than three hours (the specific gravity is about 0 or 10 higher than the first time). Bubble evenly occurs on the upper and lower plates, and the electro-hydraulic liquid turns milky white and becomes slightly clear. After stopping charging for 1 hour, bubbles rapidly and violently appear when recharging with the standard capacity of 0 and 1 current value.

In life, with electric pallet trucks, people's lives have become very colorful. No matter what they do, they can achieve certain work effects and greatly improve productivity. Therefore, in the process of use, the maintenance of electric trucks is also relatively important. Taking reasonable measures can avoid unnecessary losses. The above is the relevant content of electric pallet trucks introduced by Xiaobian. I hope these little common sense can help you!

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