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The specific role and function of the radiator in the internal combustion forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-02
trucks have low speed, large load, small operating range, and harsh operating conditions. In the summer high temperature season, the phenomenon of boiling water radiator is prone to occur. Due to the long wheelbase of the internal combustion counterbalanced lithium pallet truck, there is a certain distance between the water radiator and the counterbalance air outlet, which makes the heat dissipation contradiction of this type of forklift more prominent. For this reason, we have improved the cooling system of this type of forklift.   The cooling fan can increase the velocity and flow of the air flowing through the water radiator, and enhance the heat dissipation function of the water radiator. The diameter of the fan! The number of blades and speed directly affect the heat dissipation effect. We have appropriately increased the pressure and flow between the cooling fan and the water radiator, and the linear speed of the fan tip at the maximum engine speed does not exceed 58 lms. This improvement measure of fan diameter does not increase the fan noise and keeps the fan service life unchanged.   When the flow rate of the coolant in the heat dissipation pipe in the core of the water radiator is about 3 lms, the heat dissipation effect of the water radiator is the best to increase the front projection area of u200bu200bthe water radiator. Reducing the pitch of fins and tubes and thickening the water radiator can increase the heat dissipation surface area. According to the actual conditions of the forklift, we finally adopted the method of increasing the thickness of the water radiator to improve the heat dissipation function. The function of the wind collecting hood is to gather the air with a certain flow and pressure generated by the fan, and make it all pass through the core of the water radiator, thereby improving the cooling effect. We simulate the wind flow direction through three-dimensional CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) technology, and on this basis , The structural size of the wind gathering hood has been improved to improve the turbulent flow of hot air in the wind gathering hood and improve the heat dissipation performance. Improving the shape of the reinforcement ribs of the balance weight can increase the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe air outlet in the balance weight, reduce the exhaust resistance of the heat dissipation duct, and make the hot air exhaust as soon as possible, preventing the backflow of hot air from causing the heat dissipation capacity of the water radiator. Reduce the improvement method, that is, the balance re-exhaust vent stiffener is changed from the horizontal type to the vertical type, which can increase the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe exhaust vent by 20%.  The internal combustion forklift is usually at the rear of the frame! An auxiliary balance weight is added at the hot air outlet of the water radiator to increase the rear wheel load and lower the center of gravity of the vehicle. Before the improvement, when the hot air flowing through the back side of the water radiator core reaches the auxiliary balance weight, because the auxiliary balance weight is higher, the hot air forms a vortex at the auxiliary balance weight, which affects the cooling effect. Therefore, the shape of the auxiliary balance weight is improved to make Smooth hot air discharge. After the above improvements, the cooling effect of the forklift cooling system is significantly improved. Compared with the improvement before and after the improvement, the coolant temperature has dropped by 6.0e, and the hydraulic oil temperature has dropped.
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