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The working method, performance and installation requirements of the lift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-12
The elevator is a kind of lithium pallet truck platform with good lifting stability and can only be used for fixed operations. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line; the on-line and off-line of materials; the height adjustment of the workpiece during the assembly of the workpiece; the feeding of the high-altitude feeder; the lifting of components during the assembly of large equipment; the loading and unloading of large machine tools; The site is matched with handling vehicles such as forklifts for fast loading and unloading of goods. The elevator can be equipped with auxiliary devices according to the requirements of use, and can be combined in any combination. The size of the platform can be customized, whether to install safety protection devices or not; choose the control mode of the electrical appliances; The correct choice of various configurations can maximize the function of the elevator and achieve the best use effect. Lifts are generally equipped with safety protection devices such as anti-falling, overloading, and power outages. Other special fixed lifts are also equipped with explosion-proof electronic devices suitable for explosion-proof occasions, guide wheels to make the lifting platform more stable, and rail-type external power units , The entrance and exit of the table adopts many functions such as hanging chains or cross bars, guardrails and operating warning lights or alarm bells of the lifting platform, and safety switches that close the circuit of the lithium pallet truck platform when the door is opened. It is extremely convenient and convenient for operators to control multiple points in each working layer, and operate in jog or safe mode. The elevator has a sturdy structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and is an ideal cargo conveying equipment. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lithium pallet truck platform, different fixed hydraulic lifts can be selected, and different optional configurations can be selected to complete the task of lifting objects and achieve better use effects. It is suitable for installation and use in various indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. It can be installed in a closed hoistway or between open floors according to the requirements of use; it can be installed in a concave foundation pit or on a flat ground.
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