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Three steps to teach you how to deal with water accumulation on aerial work platforms in rainy season

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-11
How to deal with the phenomenon of water accumulation in aerial work platforms? In dry seasons, heavy rains will cause a lot of water accumulation, and many vehicles are wetted by the rain, leaving behind the phenomenon of accumulation of water. Here to teach you how to avoid losses and properly handle the water accumulation of the aerial work platform:    1. The aerial work platform may be stalled when wading in water. Turn off the ignition switch immediately, do not try to restart the engine, and move the aerial platform stacker to a safe place. Wherever possible, try to keep the vehicle high at the front and low at the rear. It will feed water out of the exhaust pipe to prevent damage to the components.  2. If water enters the engine, immediately remove the spark plug, artificially block the fuel supply to the system and the engine works in the incineration system engine, so that the water can be discharged from the engine smoothly.  3. If water enters the car, the main task is to clean up the water in the car. There are several sealing rubber plugs in the chassis of the lower part of the aerial work platform. Open the rubber plug to release the water. However, because the ground glue of the aerial platform stacker is highly water-absorbing, it should be removed first and placed in a wide space to facilitate water transpiration. The above is to teach you how to deal with the wading of the aerial work platform. Have you learned? But the best preventive measure still requires you to travel as slowly as possible when encountering puddles during work to prevent stalls. Park the aerial platform stacker in a safe place, and then remove the stagnant water to prevent accidents and unnecessary losses.
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