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Three-year cost comparison between using a car tailgate and using an electric forklift or electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-09
Automobile tailboard is also called car lifting tailboard, car loading and unloading tailboard, lifting tailboard, hydraulic car tailboard. It is a hydraulic lifting loading and unloading equipment powered by on-board battery installed on the tail of trucks and various vehicles. High efficiency lies in its flexible use with trucks and high loading and unloading efficiency. Only one person is required to load and unload goods easily. There are many kinds of products on the market at present. This is designed according to the individual needs of the industry, such as vertical car tail plates, in which aluminum alloy car tail plates are the future development trend. Let’s take a lifting car tail plate as an example today, with three years as the time limit:    Lifting car tail plate loading and unloading cost calculation. Lifting car tail plate, 1.0T, the market price is about 14 thousand, including installation fee, after-sales service The service is generally guaranteed for about one year. A well-maintained car tail plate can be used for more than 5 years without a problem. If it is not well maintained, it can be used for at least three years. We use three years as the standard. Maintenance is performed once every six months, and maintenance is required for 6 times in three years. Even if the maintenance cost is 500 yuan once, the total maintenance cost is 3,000 yuan. Maintenance generally includes: cylinder cleaning, hydraulic oil replacement, motor maintenance, grease nipple, and electrical inspection Line and board level adjustments. Automobile tailboards belong to the category of machinery. The machinery is most afraid of failures and the maintenance cost is relatively high. Therefore, if the machinery is well maintained, the cost of machinery use can be greatly reduced. Therefore, the maintenance of the automobile tailboard is a car tailboard. One of the basic conditions for high efficiency. Since the tailgate of the car also needs to be loaded and unloaded by one person, it requires a manpower for loading and unloading. The minimum wage in Shanghai is 2,500 yuan a month, and the three-year salary is 90,000 yuan. The total cost comes down to: 15000 (car tail plate cost) + 3000 (maintenance cost) + 90000 (labor cost) u003d 108000 yuan. Calculation of the cost of loading and unloading of stacker trucks. Now, the average enterprise will buy a manual stacker or electric stacker or internal combustion forklift for loading and unloading, plus at least two labor costs to complete the loading and unloading. One person counts as 2500/month. The annual labor cost is 180,000.   The cost of using a 1.6m manual stacker for 1T increase: 2000 (market price of manual stacker) + 180000 (labor cost) u003d 182000.   The cost of using a 1.6m semi-electric stacker with 1T increased: 14000 (market price) + 180000 (labor cost) u003d 194000.   The cost of using a 1.6m all-electric stacker with a 1T increase: 40000 (market price) + 180000 (labor cost) u003d 220,000.   2T increased 3.0m internal combustion forklift manual gear: 56000 (market price) + 180000 (labor cost) u003d 236000. From the above comparison, we can clearly see that the advantages of car tail plates are very large, and its flexibility and cost-effective use are higher than that of stackers or electric forklifts. From this we can see why the development of European and American car tail plates So early and so fast, because it is indeed one of the necessary auxiliary equipment for logistics handling in the future.
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